Tools for Fathering: Dads explore virtues and fatherhood

What do dads bring to fatherhood in the 21st century?
What have fathers learnt from the past?
How has fathering changed over the past few decades?


The conversations captured on Tools for Fathering CD One and Two uncover a mix of beliefs and insights into the complex world of being a dad. The role and expectations of fathering has certainly changed over the past few decades. It continues to be defined, and to diversify.


There’s loads dads now know. There’s the bits they are continuing to work on. And there’s a growing vision for the future of fathering.


Conversations with real dads

By talking with real dads, about real life, we find out about:


  • what dads love about being a father
  • what they find challenging
  • and what they feel is important to share with other dads.


In an exploration of the virtues of dads, granddads, and male mentors, we can learn about what dads’ consider their own strengths and those of their fathers. The discussion weaves through the importance of virtues such as kindness, generosity, humour, respect, honour, reliability, determination, love. Just a few of the many virtues inherent in all dads, inherent in all human beings.


embrace virtues acknowledges these virtues as tools we can use, rely and draw upon, to help us stay strong when we need to be, and also acknowledge when we need support. Virtues are the building blocks of human character and great parenting. They are valued by all cultures around the world. In the practice of virtues we can give a great gift to our children – inner strength and resilience of spirit. By talking about and modeling virtues, we help shape our children and pass onto them their very own toolbox that helps them negotiate the world and life’s experiences.


We invite you to listen to an open and honest conversation with dads about fatherhood. It is our hope that this resource encourages a celebration of the positive impact dads have in their relationships with babies, children, partners and families.

Tools for Fathering CD OneTools for Fathering CD Two

Three CD Set for Dads



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