The virtue of determination

In our heart of hearts we each want to pass onto children a set of life skills that enable them to be successful members of our communities.


Teaching children the virtue of ‘determination’ is rooted in self-advocacy and is central in believing that, ‘What I am doing will make a difference.’


Developing the character strength of determination is an undertaking that can be integrated into daily activities, and is a key virtue that may be developed and fine-tuned.



Below are 5 tips to develop and celebrate the character strength of ‘determination’.



1.  Encourage your child to dream about the future. What will he or she be doing in 1 year…5 years…10 years? (Remember that dreams don’t have to be as practical as goals, and don’t worry if they are unrealistic).







2.  Give your child some age appropriate chores and responsibilities. This helps them develop a sense of belonging, a sense of self-worth, and also imparts important information about their personally preferences and knowledge of their strengths.





3.  Provide structured opportunities for children to offer genuine help to others.



4.  Talk with your child so that they are aware of messages communicated in their tone of voice and body language, and how best to communicate about their wants, needs and opinions without being aggressive or pushy.



5.  Encourage your child to persevere (e.g., keep trying, look for alternative methods) even when things get difficult. There is such joy in the discovery that ‘I did it!’ when a challenge or obstacle is overcome.



When children tap into their gifts of determination they increase their awareness of the value they add and the difference they can make.


People who are self-determined purposefully cause things to happen in their lives.



Click here to listen a peaceful affirmation of the character strength of ‘determination’.



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