The Seeds of Family Values

The seeds of family values must be planted with great care.  Every seed is created with enormous potential to develop into glorious flowers, fruits, or even giant trees, but care is required to allow the little seedling to reach its potential.

Similarly children are born with the potential of all of the virtues within them, and require education and training to fulfill their human potential.


Nurturing Potential

This journey to a child’s potential is perhaps the most exciting journey possible.  The key to opening up this potential is teaching children one by one about each virtue that they have within them.


Virtues Cards

Clear definitions of each virtue are useful tools for this blossoming process.   These can be found in the delightful sets of embrace virtues cards where you will find a definition, an affirmation, and signs of success for each of 26 virtues.

These cards can add deeper meaning to the activities you offer your children by underpinning them with character education.  Then experience the joy of witnessing your little seeds blossom, as you never dreamed possible.


virtues cards for family values

Virtues Cards in natural hemp pouch

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