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I gave these Virtues Cards to my girls’ teachers as Christmas gifts. One teacher who is now teaching my youngest daughter in years 1 and 2 is using them as part of her everyday teaching. She selects, or gets a child to select, one each week and they use that virtue over the week in everything they do.


This teacher just loves them and as a Catholic school, she feels that they reinforce the values they teach the kids but in a more interesting and realistic way.


I just wanted to pass on her feedback that she thinks your cards are amazing and tells everyone she meets all about them and what a difference it is making to the way the kids respond, how they use them as their mantra and how she sets her mood and tone of the week with them.


Thank you for your beautiful work, and I will definitely be getting more for my eldest daughters teacher soon.

Amanda Sutton – NSW Australia




Florence Harrod, Manly, Sydney NSW - For all my life, I have been
someone who strives to find something a little different, original and
meaningful to gift my friends or family when someone has a baby.
But there is not that much out there and I always reverted to the cute
little piece of clothing or baby blanket… Until I found Embrace!
Since then, I have not missed a beat and have already given 3 full box
sets and a couple of other separate gifts (the Virtues CD and the Virtues cards).
Giving the full box set has been an incredibly rewarding experience.
The feedback has been very special, 2 out of the 3 boxes I gave were for
friends and the third one was for one of my clients. Giving them an
Embrace box for the birth of their first baby was a way of saying
“I care about you and your family beyond the professional relationship”
and without words being said, this is exactly how it was received.
As a result, my client’s wife who I had never met wrote me a very
beautiful note.

For me, the most magical part of the box are the letters. The idea of
sending a letter to the parents every month is not only original but it
creates a sense of continuity and reinforces the link and the bond you
have with the family and the baby. The letters are pre-written and I
got a lot myself out of reading them before sending them.

I had a reminder in my phone so I wouldn’t forget to send the letter
at the month anniversary date and I cherished the moment as a ritual
and really enjoyed the thoughts and love that came with it.

Simply said, the Embrace box is a gift that fulfils equally the giver
and the receiver and helps develop or strengthen a special bond in
a way that no other gift would ever have achieved. Even if the receiver
is not inclined towards spirituality or religion, it is impossible not to
be touched by the enormous love and deep care for human nature
that transpires in every aspect of the delightfully crafted Embrace

Florence Harrod, Sydney, NSW, Australia












From Innisfree Hotels in Gulf Breeze, Florida,


“I love this publication! Thank you for sharing
it with our family. The virtues for this month
were Patience and Peacefulness, both of which

we really needed to dive into. You forget how hard it is bringing a new
baby home! Perfect timing.  What a wonderful gift.  With gratitude,
Xxxxxx + Family



Designed to support all (or no) religious beliefs, Embrace Virtues gently
and respectfully supports family activities through music, prayer and
meditation, to methodically instill at the dawn of life a foundation that will
guide and serve the child for a lifetime.  It also lovingly supports and
nurtures parents through the profoundly important journey of commencing
the development of their baby’s character.  Jack Guillebeaux, Montgomery,
Alabama, USA



Embrace Virtues ground breaking products acknowledge the role as fatherhood,
inviting fathers to explore their identity and role with a spiritual underpinning.

Carrie Mott – Sydney, NSW Australia



These Embrace Virtues gifts replace materialism with true meaning.  They are
gifts that go on giving and are exquisitely illustrated and lovingly presented.
I love giving these gifts – I feel like I am ahead of the predictable mainstream.

Carrie Mott – Sydney, NSW Australia



One of the root causes of our environmental problems is hyper consumption
– we simply buy too much of what we don’t really need.  That’s why I love
Embrace Virtues gifts.  These gifts contribute to a child’s ongoing
development and ultimately to a better society.

Carrie Mott – Sydney, NSW Australia



I love giving the dads CD’s to new fathers.  Nurturing fatherhood like these
CD’s do creates a stronger family unit and, in turn a more united and ever
advancing society which ultimately leads to world peace. Wow Embrace
Virtues this stuff is really unique.

Carrie Mott – Sydney, NSW Australia



The CD for babies is much more than just soothing music! It combines
character development with classical music and I can’t think of another
product that does this.  That’s why I love giving it as a gift and I know
that the mothers benefit from it also.

Carrie Mott – Sydney, NSW Australia



Of all the gorgeous gifts we received when our baby was born, the most
precious is the embrace Baby’s Prayer Book. We love that it includes little
prayers from all the world’s great faiths. We will treasure this gift forever.”


Beautiful Karie,

Thank you so much sweet girl for your beautiful gift of Embrace Virtues.
Every single time your letters appear I feel so deeply held and thought of
by the sisterhood of women.  Thank you for thinking of me.  It is such
deep and luscious support – I wish every mama could experience this!

Leonie Dawson



Dearest Florence,

Thank you from the bottom of our hears for your lovely embrace virtues
letters … they have been so insightful and beautiful.  They have added
so much to our experience looking after Samara.

We hope to catch up with you soon to thank you in person.
Lots of love, Shiva and Dean and little Samara, Paddington NSW 2021


This beautiful and unique gift has the potential to reach families
spiritually and enable a child to enter a different world.
The community has an investment in ensuring that each
child enters the world with this level of spiritual support.
These children are the future of civilization.  Jack Guillebeaux,
Montgomery, Alabama, USA


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