From the people who have received embrace virtues as a gift…


“Love track 6 of the CD…. It’s on repeat in the car… Gets my 5 month old to sleep beautifully”

Tanya, embrace virtues Facebook follower



“The embrace letters are delightful and wise. They remind me of who I want to be as a mum, wife and woman. I feel inspired to be a calm, peaceful and loving parent, even on the days when I am exhausted, because I know that I am role modelling valuable behaviour for our little girl.

Thank you embrace for this truly meaningful gift.”

Daphne, new mother



embrace virtues spoke deeply to me about the importance of fatherhood, and helped me and my partner grow confidence in our roles as parents.”

Adam, grateful dad



“I wanted a special connection to my new grandchild. embrace virtues enabled me to contribute to the whole of that first important year and I felt I was giving a gift that would last a lifetime.”

Diane, loving grandmother



“When I was pregnant for the first time, I wondered how to nurture the spirit of the little child about to join us. We were given embrace virtues as a gift, like an answer to a prayer. It offered some gentle (and practical) guidance for the first year of parenthood and helped us to recognise, honour and encourage our baby’s physical, emotional and spiritual development.”



embrace virtues  materials are beautiful and inspiring. It has been very nurturing for us as a new mum and dad to receive regular contact and encouragement. What a wonderful, unique gift!”



“Preparing for, and having a baby is the most special and sacred time. Thank you embrace virtues  - for the perfect beginning to our child’s spiritual life.”



embrace virtues  has given me a stable focus point each day and helped me be mindful of my values and virtues. They are gentle, yet powerful, and easy to integrate into daily life (e.g. nappy change, play time, bed time). I am not only using Embrace Virtues for our baby, but also for myself and for my own spiritual growth.  I wish my parents had used the virtues with me as a child.”



embrace virtues  products are so beautifully presented and wonderful material.

I wish you all the best with this excellent venture.  What a gift to humanity!”



“Love the website!  This is such a great idea, so many parents could do with a little help and guidance. I am forwarding it everyone I know with young children or babies! I am just hoping someone I know has a baby soon so I can buy one of your wonderful products.  I would have loved so many of the products when I had my daughter.”



“Well done to you, such a wonderful project to be involved in and beautiful contribution to our world.”



Thank you all, for your warm feedback and encouraging responses to embrace virtues

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