Raising children with reverence and respect

We can regard raising children as a minefield of challenges or a rich field of opportunity for developing their characters.

These opportunities exist all around us in nature, children are inherently responsive to them and they don’t need to cost anything!




Opportunities for raising children with reverence exist all around us in nature

A walk to our little local playground with Tilly on Friday yielded a gorgeous bunch of tiny wild flowers, some sea-shells from the lake edge, daisies for a daisy chain, and an opportunity to talk about reverence.


Actually children can teach us much about responding to and respecting nature.  After all little children are literally closer to the action.  They see the tiny treasures of nature tucked away on the edge of paths that we may overlook.





They are inherently intrigued and awed by natural phenomenon and ready to explore at a moment’s notice.

Reverence is simply a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe.  It is behaving with awareness that all life is precious.

These little adventures into the natural environment are perfect opportunities to allow children to take the time to experience awe and wonder and appreciate the natural beauty that is all around us.


Five fun ways to embrace reverence and respect for nature


  • Explain that reverence means appreciating and respecting nature
  • Allow children the freedom to explore a natural setting
  • Show genuine appreciation for the little treasures they collect
  • Offer respectful ways to use or display the precious things of beauty, or miracles of nature that they collect
  • Encourage children to collect little miracles of nature for a ‘Reverence collection’



A couple of cool activities to generate reverence

  • This week take some refreshing time  out to explore the beauty and magic of the gifts of nature that are in us and all around us, but that we sometimes overlook in our busy and materialistic lives.

  • Make a commitment to preserve, honour and elevate something greater than ourselves this week by taking a walk in the garden or the bush and finding little treasures.

  • Offer kids an affirmation about the reverence they have shown towards a treasure of nature.


The virtues cards that Tilly is using are a wonderful resource for parents and teachers as they contain the definition and affirmation for each virtue on the reverse side of the card.  They are available at http://embracevirtues.com/products/product-category/large-virtues-cards



Raising children with reverence Large Character Strength CardsCharacter Strength Cards with large text Raising children with reverence

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