Tools for Fathering Disc Two

Preparing for fatherhood

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embrace virtues recorded some frank and open conversations with a mix of dads about their experiences of fathering and virtues - what the dads now know, and what they continue to learn along the way.


On this audio CD you can listen to a range of dads talking about their authentic experiences of fatherhood.


The CD covers issues such as;


*  Preparing for fatherhood

*  Expectations of being a dad

*  Responsibility and fathering

*  Influences on fatherhood

*  Relationships and parenting (How fatherhood affects relationships)

*  Being there - active and involved fathering

*  The unique role of dads (What dads and granddads offer)

*  Love and affection

*  Babies’ unique relationships with their dads and their mums

*  Parenting as a team

*  The early days of bonding

*  Connecting with new babies (dads, bonding and breastfeeding)

*  Challenging times and postnatal depression

*  The joys of fatherhood


We invite you to listen to dads sharing their thoughts on fatherhood, and to acknowledge and celebrate the positive impact dads have in their relationships with babies, children, partners and families.


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Tools for Fathering Disc Two   $18.00

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