Tools for Dads CD One (Download)

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Exploring the trials and joys of fatherhood.


We now know of the important and unique role of father’s in parenting with much research to show the difference dads make in the character development of babies and children.

“One of the most significant changes in the science of fathering is the recognition that father-infant relationships can have a positive impact on how infants develop. The idea that an infant’s attachment with their father is fundamental to how their brain and behaviour develop represents a major shift in how we view parents.”


Australian Fatherhood Research Network


To find out more about what dads think about fatherhood and the strengths they draw upon in their role,  we have a recorded this audio CD that captures conversations from a mix of dads about their beliefs and insights into the complex world of being a dad.


Within the conversations, dads share some of the stuff they now know, the bits they’re working on, and their vision for the future of fathering.


The Tools for Fathering CD One touches on issues such as:


*  Expectations of fatherhood

*  Early days with a newborn (where do dad’s fit in?)

*  Work and fatherhood

*  Control and letting go

*  Growing confidence

*  Family influence and upbringing

*  Dads and their role models

*  Making mistakes, and learning along the way

*  Learning to relax

*  Trusting intuition

*  What dads learn about themselves by being a father

*  Love and affection – saying it and showing it


We invite you to listen to the open and honest conversations with dads about fatherhood, and that you too celebrate the positive impact dads have in their relationships with babies, children, partners and families.


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Tools for Fathering CD Two

The dads' discussions generated so much great content that we couldn't fit it all on one CD. The information and insights shared were too good not to share, so another disc with more from dads is available:

Tools for Fathering CD Two

Tools for Fathering CD Two (Download)


Three CD Gift Set

Alternatively, if you are looking for the perfect Father's Day gift, or a gift for a soon-to-be dad, the three CD gift set includes both Tools for Fathering CDs along with the Sound of Virtues CD. This gift bundle is beautifully packaged and includes gift tag, ready to go.

Tools for Dads CD One (Download)   $10.00

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