Virtues Instrumental (Download)

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This downloadable CD contains music especially composed for embrace virtues.

Whilst listening to affirmations of human virtues, talented jazz pianist Terence Koo was inspired to create this musical score.


This CD provides a divine 33 minute meditation to soothe and nourish minds, bodies and souls with goodness, calm and delight.

The Sound of Virtues Instrumental CD is comprised of 5 tracks of sublime affirmations for the virtues listed below:


Track 01 : 6mins 30sec

joyfulness, friendliness, confidence, assertiveness determination, purposefulness, helpfulness


Track 02: 4mins 56sec

kindness, consideration, creativity, flexibility, generosity


Track 03: 6mins 35sec

thankfulness, respect, courtesy, cleanliness, orderliness, trust, reliability


Track 04: 7 mins 12sec

gentleness, patience, prayerfulness, reverence peacefulness, compassion and love


Track 05: 7mins 48sec

Reflection and relaxation



An accomanying CD is also available including a gentle voice over by Louise Lewis describing definitions and affirmations of the 26 virtues. The Sound of Virtues CD


Virtues Instrumental (Download)   $9.00

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