Hemp Baby Beanie

100% Organic Hemp and Natural Cotton Beanie Hat

Price: $28.00

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Warm cute and eco-friendly beanie hat for baby

Natural Hemp and Organic Cotton

Hand made with natural hemp and organic cotton, this little beanie hat is free from harmful chemicals and soft and warm on baby's sensitive skin.  The hollow core fibre of hemp provides superior breathability and helps regulate your baby's temperature.


One size fits most babies, with the Beanie Hat measuring 19cm x 15cm. The fabric has a little stretch in it to ensure best fit for most babies.


The hand-printed illustration on the forehead is a divine reminder of your baby’s inherent character strengths and their blossoming personality. The embrace virtues range is designed to inspire parents and educators to recognise, encourage and affirm virtues such as gentleness, patience, peacefulness, trust, determination, love and creativity.


As well as being a natural temperature regulator, hemp is an environmentally sustainable fibre, with antibacterial and antiviral properties.  Keep baby safe, warm, and protected with a hemp baby beanie.


* Beanie Hats can also be used as a pouch-like bag to hold a soother or wipes.

Hemp Baby Beanie   $28.00

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