Parenting your baby with creativity

Discovering creative opportunities in the every day acts of parenting a baby can be a joyful experience that opens up a world of new possibilities.


Heightened awareness, ability to express feelings, likes and dislikes, to respond to varying emotional tones and to respond to ‘no’, opens up much potential (and fun) for your baby to interact with you in games and activities. Spending time with your baby  is a great opportunity to be creative and integrate some of the tasks that you need to complete into play activities. 


Try to think about which daily household activities can include your baby. For example, if the weather is good you might like to spread out a blanket under the clothes line and pass coloured pegs to your baby while you hang out the clothes. This is a nice time to start teaching about manners (you model saying please and thank you) and it is an important developmental milestone to be able to use both hands and pass objects from hand to hand.


For any difficult situation you may be facing right now, you also have a wealth of creative solutions within you so dig deeply into your creativity, and experience the satisfaction and joy of discovering exciting and innovative options for dealing with frustrations.


The very act of re-focusing your energy onto creative solutions rather than the stressful situation, will alleviate much of the stress. You may also like to draw on what you have around you from the world of art, craft, music and literature that offers creative opportunities to inspire and renew your spirit, and expose both your baby and yourself to beauty.


We’ve been inspired to ‘get creative’ drawing on the virtues cards as reminders of our own and our little one’s creativity.   Some photos below show some ideas for creating virtues mobiles or frames.  You may like to create your own Virtues Cards or purchase a set on-line.






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