Parenting : stirring your pot of spiritual virtues

Upon the birth of her children, Australian author Nikki Gemmell, writes of the stirring of her spirituality and the sparking of human virtues.



“…we had you children, and something tugged within.”


Following is a discussion with excerpts from ‘Why you are Australian: A letter to my children’ talking about parenting and virtues.


“…I found giving birth a profoundly spiritual experience – the pinnacle of joy as a human being – a time when I was thanking God, a lot.

And there was an urge to find a kinder, gentler, stiller existence. For myself, and you children.

I don’t think it’s surprising that I experienced this tug as a mother. There was a desire to find a little more grace in this greedy, addled world, and the older I get the more I respect words like grace, and empathy, and kindness…”

Nikki Gemmell


Parenting pulls us face-to-face with our inner virtues, and exposes the divine virtues of those around us. Our spirituality is reflected in the eyes of our young ones, as we stare into their pools and traverse lessons with them each day…knowing there is much learning ahead.


“A lot of the time I don’t believe. I say no, it’s ridiculous… But then sometimes I’ll find myself standing alone at night, in the bedroom quiet with the sleep of you children, just…breathing you in. And then a great warmth floods through me – an enormous, glittery, heart-swelling gratitude – and I find myself closing my eyes in unstoppable thanks. Prayer is gratitude, oh yes.” Nikki Gemmell


When we are aware, and a-tune with our spirituality, virtues are stirred within us and in those around us….. and the world glows a little brighter.


Having faith in your own and your babies’ virtues (no matter which spiritual traditions you may follow), sends out roots, that grow stronger and deeper. They enable you to touch the divine whilst being rooted in the soil of human life.


You might like to listen to virtues reflections on The Sound of Virtues…an audio CD with affirmations of core human character traits such as; patience, peacefulness, respect, thankfulness, flexibility, gentleness, love and trust – a divine soundscape that is food for the soul. Reflecting on character strengths (our virtues) – inherent in our selves and our children will have them grow.



The Sound of Virtues CD


by Louie Hahn

by Louie Hahn, with excerpts from ‘Why you are Australian: A letter to my children’ by Nikki Gemmell



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