Ongoing Learning

Character education is a whole of life endeavour





Whether we are a children, adults, educators, carers or parents, the journey is endless and endlessly inspiring!

Professional Training

Embrace virtues offers easy to access courses for educators, parents, community workers and everyone who cares about educating kids for a more peaceful world.

You will be:


inspired  by our passion and commitment


motivated  by our thought provoking flexible programs


grateful  for content that will broaden your perspective and provide useful tools that are easy to implement


Our programs are flexible and run by highly skilled, compassionate facilitators. Please contact us at if you would like to register your interest in future workshops – either for yourself of for your organisation.


Fundraising Opportunity

Combine fund raising with character development and integration of virtues education into your school or community group.


Visit our Fundraising Opportunities page for details of how embrace virtues works with schools and community organisations.






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Flexibility is being open to change…

Giving Back

embrace virtues supports education, health and community projects. To find out more about fundraising opportunities for your school or community group.......... Click here