My Cuddle Peace called ‘Beffle”

Below is a note from my 11 year old daughter who was given a Cuddle Peace Doll. I asked her to write a reflection on her little doll named ‘Beffle.’


Here’s what she had to say….

My Cuddle Peace ‘Beffle’ is a handmade doll. My Grandma made it. The doll got its name because ‘beffle’ is the new term for best friend.


Beffle is my friend when there’s no one to talk to.  I feel as though I can actually feel Beffle listening and know that she is feeling for me. Sometimes I think to myself, “why am I talking to a little doll?” and that I’m crazy. But I don’t care – all I care about is hanging with Beffle. She’s filled with love and trust.


At the moment she is at The Royal Women’s Hospital to listen and nurture and feel for all those women that need an extra boost of love, faith and trust. She can teach you things that others can’t.  


Written by Hannah Gregory


Maybe we’re ever too old to cuddle something that reminds us of our goodness within, of someone we love, providing comfort in times when we may feel misunderstood or simply need a ‘listening ear’ without comment or advice…


It may be a piece of cloth from long ago, a cushion, a hanky or My Cuddle Peace Doll

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