Mummy what can we get my teacher for Christmas?

Is this a question being asked in your family yet?



Love is a Special Way of Feeling

Love is a Special Way of Feeling



You may not know that I was a school teacher for over 25 years. I spent many of those years teaching in socially and economically depressed areas.

I loved my work and the children I taught, I can still see their eager little faces and I trust that my time with them sparked their little hearts and made them feel good about themselves.


Every year I was moved by the little gifts of appreciation that I received at the end of the school year. In fact I still have one of these little treasures after all these years!


It is a tiny book called ‘Love is a Special Way of Feeling’.  I received it when I was practise teaching, from a class in 1962 and I still get a warm feeling when I turn its pages.

 The inscription in the front of the book says : ‘From 2B – thank you for loving us’. 


The book inscription underscored for me the power of loving the children in our care even if we can’t change their situation in other ways. That book was clearly more meaningful to me than something like a coffee cup –  I can’t imagine I would have kept a coffee cup for 52 years!


I realize the other side of this story is the challenge to find your child’s teacher something useful and meaningful, in a society where everyone seems to already have too much ‘stuff’.


Now, in our ongoing commitment to make the gift giving season easy and stress-free we are offering you the perfect gift for your child’s teacher!



A set of 26 Virtues Cards will fill a teacher’s heart and comes in a beautifully illustrated organic cloth pouch as shown below.



Set of 26 Virtues Cards in hemp pouch

Set of 26 Virtues Cards in hemp pouch



Not just a loving, appreciative gift, these cards will be an invaluable tool for every committed teacher.  Each card contains a definition and affirmation of the virtue and encourages qualities of character such as respect, helpfulness, kindness and consideration.




As a special Christmas gift offer we are including a sympathetically designed greeting card to make it all easy and joyful.



Set of 26 Virtues Cards

Set of 26 Virtues Cards with Greeting Card

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