List of 26 Virtues

A list of virtues is an inspiring thing to read and have handy as a daily reference.  This is because virtues lists remind us of the inner qualities of character or attributes that we all inherently have within us.  Virtues lists remind, motivate, encourage and inspire us to be the best that we can be.


Positive Character Traits

A virtues list will include positive traits such as compassion, tolerance, truthfulness, loyalty, mindfulness, patience, courtesy, courage and respect.  However, there are a staggering 950 human virtues common to all cultures, religions, spiritual and philosophical practices.   To avoid being overwhelmed the question becomes -  where do I to start and how do I get these words on paper so that I can integrate them into my language and daily interactions?


Start Small

A wise place to start is with the basic 26 virtues that are the most profoundly important for our everyday lives.  These can be found in the embrace virtues packaged cards, and you can download a free (and beautiful) poster that you can see below.


Make Your Virtues List Visible

Hang this list of virtues on your wall, share it with a friend, paste it in your diary, or cover your favourite notebook so that you will daily learn more of these gifts of character within you and become inspired to be the best that you can be.


Choose a Virtue For the Week

Select one virtue each week and watch for it in yourself and others.  Affirm it when you see it in another person by naming the virtue and linking it to the action.  This makes everyone feel good and you will be on your way to an enlightening inner journey of getting to know your true self.  Have an inspiring journey!

List of Virtues

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