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We invite you to join a world-wide network of

educators and parents dedicated to the character

education of children.


Our vision is to make a difference in the world by enabling every child to access character education through virtues


We’d love you to join with us to experience and celebrate the exciting potential of  character education and find out ….


What resources are available to support this exciting process?




What does modern research tell us about character education as a predictor of success for children?




How can you access virtues workshops and ongoing training?




How can we grow kids who are confident, respectful, creative, caring, responsible, reliable, assertive, loving, gentle, generous, helpful, creative, joyful, considerate, purposeful, trusting, flexible, courteous and kind?



To join us in the inspiring journey of building world peace one

child at a time, one virtue at a time, and in education kids who

will fulfil their potential, just follow the links below and ……  




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