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Embrace Virtues Home Based Entrepreneurs – meet Elizabeth Enciondo


Elizabeth Enciondo - Embrace Virtues Entrepreneur


Elizabeth is a passionate advocate of virtues education who has always been determined to raise her children as confident, happy, respectful, and generous people who have authentic self esteem.






As a young mum she found herself searching for something that would assist her in this process and was relieved and inspired to discover the Virtues Project International.


Many years later, after the birth of her second child and after a long career in the public service she found herself searching for something that would offer her flexible family friendly work that was aligned with her passion of character education.

Elizabeth also has a strong desire to serve her local community and she sees that becoming an Embrace virtues Entrepreneur will integrate opportunities for personal and professional growth with service to her community and income generation.

Elizabeth facilitates dynamic, insightful and inspiring Introductory Sessions and

Three Hour Workshops in informal home and community settings in the Melbourne area.

You can contact Elizabeth on if you would like to experience the life changing opportunities of character education.



Growing Kids with Character - Home Based Entrepreneurs
Elizabeth presenting an Introduction Session


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