Gift Giving Gets Personal

Never before have we expected more!

Giving Flowers
In times where resources are distributed with great disparity, we acknowledge that many, many people do not have their basic needs for warmth, clean water, nutritious food and adequate health care met.


Whilst others have extraordinary access to material abundance and yet experience a poverty of spirit, of community and human connection… Amidst this disparity around the globe ‘generosity’ and gift giving has grown a consistent layer – of the the underlying yearning for connection. To care – no matter what your situation.


Whilst many in the so-called ‘developed’ nations  may have enough vases, candles, underwear, pillows, etc. etc, it is becoming increasingly inappropriate to give more ‘stuff’ as a gift.


Giving generously with time, attention, patience, thoughtfulness, listening, hand-making is taking hold.


And so we see gift giving in contemporary times across the globe shifting towards a new consciousness with a renewed sensitivity around the true art of giving and receiving.


What type of gift giver are you?

Yes – the bar has been raised, and we are now seeking gifts with deeper meaning; gifts that are socially and environmentally guilt-free; gifts that are truly personal and say so much more than “I spent $X dollars (and time) on you”.


What message are you sending under the layers of your presents? How do you honor the delicate art of gift-giving?  What values are you instilling within your family values about gift giving?  Are your children growing up expecting more and more ‘things’?


Re-discover the art of giving

The good news is that authentic and meaningful gifts don’t have to be expensive or arduous. We’ve put together some ideas to help you get re-inspired by the art of giving.


Chosen with love

  • Choose a shell, a pebble, a feather or a single flower that holds a story or reminds Black Pebble on a beachyou of the person you are giving the gift. You might like to attach a short note about how the object reflects or reminds you of a particular strength of that person.

  • Thread twine around especially chosen feathers, pebbles leaves, beads etc to create a mobile, unique dream catcher or bookmark.

  • Choose some favourite seeds and place them in a hand folded paper envelope, with a note describing the seeds of colour and delight your friend or family member brings to your life. The seeds can also be planted to remember a special location or the journey of growth ahead.


With loving service

When time is of the essence, sometimes the best gift is an act of service. You can make your gift an ACT of love by writing an ‘angel note’ offering your services.


For example:

  • A mid-week dinner delivery
  • A foot or hand massage
  • To mow-the-lawn, wash the car or clean the house
  • A babysitting ticket out
  • A fresh coat of paint on your toenails


The act of service is done with pure joy, knowing that you are offering some ‘Mary Poppins Magic’ to an every-day job.


Made with love

With so much information available on-line it’s never been easier to hand-make a gift (and learn a new skill along the way).

Home made Chilli Oil


  • With a little love, your children’s art can be transformed into a gift that is treasured forever (scan it, frame it, hang it…)

  • You might like to try making some home-made oatmeal goats milk and honey soap (with a tag celebrating this often messy life… that you wouldn’t have any other way)

  • And there’s loads of yummy ideas that you can create to taste….

             - herb and chilli infused olive oil in a jar with a personalized label
             - a special bottle of mulled wine mixed with your favourite spices


Wrapped with love

Packaging says A LOT! You can have some fun with wrapping your gift in something special… or simply make it FUN!


Kids Art Wrapping Paper

  • Wrap your gift in a few different layers with a lolly or chocolate, or a special note between each layer

  • Use a scarf, a divine tea-towel, or a box that you have made especially to fit the gift

  • Wrap your gift in plain kraft paper and write with a marker all the things you love about the person on the wrapping outside.



Tap into the true art of giving and receiving

Children can often teach us about the inner beauty of gifts… We asked a couple of friends about their most memorable mother’s day and father’s day gifts. In return we received touching stories such as these:


“One mother’s day I remember walking downstairs to our lounge room filled with red helium balloons. Each balloon had a hand written tag from my children and husband saying all the things they loved about me. I was so touched. The kids had such delight running from balloon to balloon reading out their messages!”

“One of the best father’s day gifts my children ever gave me was the year they made up lyrics to the song ‘Sexy and I know it.’ They made the song all about me being a good dad and had come up with moves for a special dance – it was hysterical! I still picture them singing at the tops of their lungs ‘You’re the best dad ever’.”


What is your most memorable gift?

There are so many unique ways to show that you care. Sometime all it takes is a little bit of extra thought, an ounce of heart, and a squeeze of courage.


We’d love to hear about ‘the most memorable gifts of your life’ and invite you to share stories of any heart-felt gifts you may have given or received. Post your stories here for the chance to win an embrace virtues gift pack.



Embrace Virtues Gift Pack

3 Responses to Gift Giving Gets Personal

  1. Karie says:

    Post your story here of a heart-felt gift you have given or received. A touching story will be selected to win an embrace virtues gift pack.

    • Toti says:

      If it weren’t for Dave Miller, I wouldn’t have a dad My bolgioical father split when I was just a baby. I’ve never known him. My mother remarried and this man has been my dad ever since.He has emotionally supported me, morally supported me, and financially supported me. He instilled hard work and ethics in me at a very young age. He also taught me the importance of school. Once I turned 18, I was forced by law to use my bolgioical father’s last name but he will never be my dad. As I graduate with my first college degree next Friday, I have hyphened my last name on my diploma to show my dad that it was HIM that taught me that hard work and determination will pay off.I remind him every father’s day that it takes a true man to raise another man’s child as his own. And THAT is my favorite memory of my dad.

  2. Driss says:

    Once I went to work on the farm with my dad. Unexpectedly, he needed to move a tractor a few miles down the road but had no one to drive his pick-up behind him. So he had me (age 7 at the time) get in. After a quick explanation of how a STICK SHIFT worked, I assured him I was ready. Wrong! I ended up driving an extra few miles down the road until I could turn around without having to shift gears, all the while freaking out! About 3/4 of the way back, there he was on his way to find me. Needless to say, I didn’t drive alone for quite some time.

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