It is a deeply held vision of embrace virtues for all children and families to have access to a virtues education.


We have experienced virtues fundraisers to be a terrific way to disseminate virtues knowledge, tools and skills to parents, teachers, and children.


The fundraiser approach also raises valuable funds for your school while reinforcing your shared values across the school community.


Children with Virtues Cards


Virtues such as respect, helpfulness, determination, confidence, compassion, joyfulness and  consideration are the qualities of character that:


  • *  bring out the best in our children
  • *  support the values of home and school
  • *  create calm, safe and peaceful environments



Creativity Corner

embrace virtues delivers a complete fundraising option by providing not only gorgeous products that translate between the classroom and the home, but also the supporting information on how to use the virtues tools to educate and bring out the best in our kids.


Your school or community group receives a generous contribution for each item sold.


Please contact us to receive an information pack and fundraising registration form.


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