Fathers Day Gift

In many parts of the world, Sunday 1st September is Fathers Day.


To all the dads, and soon-to-be dads

and everyone celebrating their unique and special fathers today,



To celebrate this special day, embrace virtues has a gift we would like to share.

 Father's Day Gift Print

Download here a gorgeous high resolution printable art piece featuring  stunning illustration by Australian artist, Carli Hyland and the following famous quote by Mr Gabriel Garcia Maquez,


“I have learned that when a newborn grabs his father’s thumb,

he takes a hold on him forever”


Simply right click on the link below to save your gift print:

Father’s Day Gift Print


And thanks to my own dad, for all the little things that have woven together over the years and opened my eyes and heart to so many of your virtues.


Thank you Dad for…


* opening the toughest lids on the jam jars (or loosening them and having me think I was the one who opened it in the end)


* teaching me the best techniques for snapping a tea towel while we washed up


* letting me win the occasional arm wrestle


* showing me how to reverse park (with barely a word)


* helping me learn how to give back and give thanks


With love from the team at

embrace virtues



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