Family Values and New Families

The arrival of a new baby is the ideal time to consider the family values that will support the character development of this precious child.  It’s probably one of the most important considerations for a new family.

Yet it can easily be overlooked amongst all the other pressing challenges of establishing family life with a new baby.  And it’s never too early to start!


A Good Starting Place

Being familiar with virtues is an easy way to start.  Virtues, those inherent qualities that children are born with can easily be introduced into conversation with your baby and your partner.

You can weave these delightful character traits such as love, respect, consideration, gratitude, helpfulness, kindness, joyfulness, generosity, compassion, perseverance, thoughtfulness, courtesy, confidence and purposefulness into your communication with your baby as they relate to everyday activities.


You might say to your baby: ‘Thank you so much for being patient while I changed your nappy.  Mummy really appreciates your patience.’  In this way babies are hearing the words of the virtues and being affirmed for a quality of their character, which eventually will form their self-esteem.


Heaven in a Box

The embrace virtues Baby’s First Year Gift is lovingly designed to offer suggestions and give support to developing family values from birth.  Here are 5 great reasons to check out this unique and nurturing gift package.


1)  Loving support and encouragement throughout the first year of your baby’s life.

2)  A set of beautifully designed Virtues Cards


3)  Useful ideas on how to talk to baby using the words of the virtues through a set of 13 letters


4)  A ‘Sound of Virtues’ CD to use as a calming meditation and to remind baby of its inherent qualities


5)  A CD for dads affirming the important role of fathers


6)  A book of reverent reflections that touch the soul


From the instant you open this heavenly gift you will know that this is unique and precious.

The exquisite contents will assist the development of family values that will support the character development of the new baby and help create a loving, peaceful and harmonious family.


Baby's First Year Gift Box

Heaven in a Box - Baby's First Year Gift


Contents of Baby's First Year Gift Box
Delightful contents of Baby’s First Year Gift Box



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