Family and Family Values

Thoughtful family values are ultimately a question of educating children to practise virtues such as respect, consideration, helpfulness, gentleness, confidence and  kindness.  There are 5 powerful reasons for families to focus on virtues .


Five Powerful Reasons for Families to Focus on Virtues


1)  Virtues are the core of human character, and the basis of authentic self-esteem in our children.


2)  Virtues are the qualities behind every successful human being, the key to unlocking your child’s potential.


3)  Virtues are the foundation of just and civil society.


4)  Virtues are the essence of every child, and therefore the basis of the child’s physical and emotional well-being.


5)  Virtues are the tool for creating peaceful, harmonious and happy family environments.


These are compelling reasons to familiarize our-selves, and deepen our understanding of these beautiful values, integrate them into our own and our children’s daily lives, and enjoy the fabulous fruits of the journey.  Download a beautiful (and free) virtues poster with a list of 26 basic virtues for family well-being.




Tilly practising gentleness



Tilly receiving an affirmation card for her gentleness


The Seeds of Family Values

Children are born with all of the virtues inherently within them, and the potential to develop and practise every one of them.  However, without education, it is somewhat like planting lots of little seeds and then forgetting that they need watering, feeding and protection to grow to their full potential.  So with children, we need to nourish those little seeds of virtues by education, training, acknowledging, appreciating, affirming and modeling virtues.  This is how children reach their full potential.



Tilly and Pebbles celebrating Tilly's gentleness

Tilly and Pebbles celebrating Tilly's gentleness



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