Does the word ‘virtue’ seem old fashioned?

It most likely does sound old fashioned because it probably is.

How often in one typical day would an average parent think about the concept of virtues in their own or their children’s behaviours?


How often would a regular parent actually use the words of some virtues such as respect, helpfulness, generosity, care, or creativity?


In our busy family lives how many of us stop to affirm our children for being orderly, considerate, joyful, responsible or courteous?


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Does any of this really matter?

It matters if we want a different kind of society. It matters if we want children to reach their full potential. It matters if we want calm happy kids, peaceful home environments and loving relationships.


And the great thing is that parents are uniquely placed to make this happen. So we need to bring virtues back into fashion. We need to make the words really cool and relevant to our kids. We need to engage our partners and educators in the process so that everyone is on board.
Of course this will take the application of a few virtues on our part – a few qualities such as purposefulness, determination and perseverance, and a deep desire that we equip our kids to make the world a better place.


Top 5 Tips:

1. Choose one virtue each week and focus on it as a family
2. Put a card with the name of the virtue in a prominent place in the home
3. Make a commitment to start using the word of that virtue in family conversation
4. Affirm children and partners when they we notice them using that virtue
5. Celebrate at the end of the week by sharing all the times that virtue was practised

Let’s work together to make virtue a fashion statement. Let’s make it so cool to know and practise basic qualities of character, that kids want to play the game. The great thing is that once they start they will experience that profoundly good feeling deep inside that will have them want to keep playing.
Mums and dads will love and appreciate the greater levels of peace and harmony in the family and notice their kids moving towards their true potential.


Virtues as a fashion statement!

This is a fashion statement that will not be out of date next season – or the season after that!!
Share your thoughts and experiences about making virtues a lasting fashion statement.

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