Discussion Seed Guidelines

embrace virtues stems from a desire to inspire a more peaceful world – a world where The Seed of an Idea can change the worldfamilies and communities honor their inherent character strengths – and tap in daily to their innate virtues – a world where every child has access to a virtues education.


Become Part of the Conversation

We encourage you to become part of the conversation, by contributing a ‘Discussion Seed’ article. Dig deeply into the roots of human virtues, with writing pieces and reflections on virtues such as:

Patience, Peacefulness, Respect, Thankfulness


Flexibility,  Gentleness, Consideration Joyfulness


Reverence, Friendliness, Love, Trust, Kindness, Reliability


Purposefulness, Compassion,  Generosity, Creativity


Assertiveness, Cleanliness, Confidence, Courtesy


Helpfulness, Prayerfulness, Determination, Orderliness


Along with musings of virtues, we also invite articles that explore social, psychological and spiritual reflections on the character development of children and communities – stories about peaceful parenting, and the difference that working with children’s inherent virtues can make to raising happy, balanced children.


Submit Your Article or Idea

We invite you to submit a Discussion Seed today, either email info@embracevirtues.com, or post a comment below.


If you’re curious about whether your article on a particular topic is the right fit for a Discussion Seed, you can send us a short pitch about your story.



Submit your article as an unformatted Word document. Please send your article as an attachment in your email along with a 1-2 sentence bio about you, and a link to your website or blog if you wish.


At the top of your Word document please place the following information:





Phone number

Topic or Title of Article


If possible, please include a photo of yourself as a JPEG or PNG, so that readers can see the person behind the story.



Before you submit your article, please check your facts, and substantiate your work or claims with primary research where applicable. All research, footnotes, notations are to be placed at the bottom of your article (unformatted) in a consistent style. Include working hyperlinks to referenced material.


Tone and Style

We’re looking for positive and encouraging content. Please take a look around the embrace virtues website and familiarise yourself with some of our topics, themes and ideas.


The general tone and style of embrace virtues is: optimistic, innovative, creative, seeking and learning, inclusive and supportive. We love anything courageous and heartfelt, as well as intelligent and evidence-based.


The aim of Discussion Seeds is to share what’s working well, to question, to provoke and to inspire.


Acceptance, Payment and Rights

We can’t guarantee every submission will be published, however we will endeavour to publish all material that is an appropriate fit. We may need to edit some pieces to our audience and/or to fit our layout.


Please do not submit anything that solely promotes a product or service. Your bio may, however, contain information about your programs, products, web site, blog, etc that provides links to your work.


We do not pay publication fees. Discussion Seeds provide the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to your community. They also provide publicity for you and your ideas as well a clip for building your publication portfolio.


We encourage you to link back to your published Discussion Seed from your own web site, in your portfolio, etc. The more you feature it in your personal sphere, and email it to friends, the more traction, traffic and recognition you will receive.


Much love from the team at embrace virtues



2 Responses to Discussion Seed Guidelines

  1. Derry Nielsen says:

    I understand that you want high quality articles, but what if there are less educated people out there, who are not educated enough to follow your guidelines, but who have wonderful experiences to share with others? Experiences that reflect virtues success stories. My heart just jumped up and wanted to come to the support of these possible gems.
    loving greetings

    • Karie says:

      Dear Derry, Thank you so much for raising this question, as it allows us to provide an answer for others who may have the same question. Our commitment to quality is in no way meant to be exclusionary. Many, many people have a valuable story to tell, and by sharing their story can help others who are experiencing something similar. We sincerely encourage everyone who feels they would like to contribute – here at embrace virtues we want to encourage the excellence that exists within each and every person. We believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute to building a community of conversation around virtues. If anyone has a story they want to share but for any reason do not feel comfortable producing a Discussion Seed, please contact us with your idea and we can help make it a reality. From Karie @embracevirtues team.

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