Definition of Virtue


What is virtue? How might we describe the meaning of virtue or come up with a satisfactory definition of virtue? This opens a wonderfully rich discussion and can take us of a powerful journey to discover the real self.

Inherent Attributes

This is because virtues are the inner qualities or attributes that we are born with. We all inherently have within us all the virtues – and there are a staggering 950 virtues. These exist in every human being and our job is to recognize, refine and practise them. Virtues are variously described as what is good about us, our inner worth, the essence of our soul, our positive traits, moral excellence, our strengths of character and the reservoir of our potential. On a more elevated level, virtues are described and understood as the attributes of God or a Higher Power, reflections of the Divine, and the universal essence that unites all beings.

Universal Qualities

Virtues are universal qualities found in every culture, race, religion and spiritual path. The author Paulo Coelho, in his famous book, The Alchemist described virtues as “The soul of the world”.

Start Small be Successful

Everyone has the potential to live out all of the virtues. An easy place to start is the collection of 26 basic but powerful virtues in the embrace virtues virtues cards. This can be the start of that wonderful journey of self-discovery and joy.

Virtues Cards

Set of 26 exquisitely illustrated virtues cards



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