Creative Activities for Children using Natural Elements

Creative activities for children using natural elements such as leaves, twigs and bark put children in touch with their environment. If we add an exploration of character strengths to these activities children can connect with their inner self as well, and the process helps to develop healthy family values and self esteem as well as creativity.


Virtues Masterpiece



It’s as easy as 1,2,3


1) Blend the activities into family days out, informal visits to the park, or walks in the bush


2) Encourage children to collect interesting leaves, bark, seeds and twigs


3) Provide craft glue and scrap pieces of card, a list of virtues as well as paper to write the words of virtues on, and let their imagination and natural creativity do the rest.



Virtues Mobile



Virtues with natural materials



Make sure you affirm the children for character traits such as creativity, perseverance, patience, orderliness, cleanliness etc., they display when participating in this activity. Honour these characteristics by displaying the works in an appropriate place and integrating the particular virtues they select into your family values.


Some resources that may help


A handy list of virtues in an attractive embrace virtues poster for you to refer to can be downloaded free, and sets of virtues cards are also available with clear definitions and affirmations.


Such activities will be deeply satisfying, cost very little and develop creativity, self-knowledge, and family values. They help children develop a keener awareness of their natural environment and make connections between the world of nature and the world of virtues, and be loads of fun.






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