Can Positive Affirmations be the key to inner peace and happiness?


Really?  Can something so apparently simple as giving and receiving positive affirmations make that much difference to a person’s inner state of well-being?



Can Positive Affirmations be the key to inner peace and happiness?

Can Positive Affirmations be the key to inner peace and happiness?

Last week I was embroiled in an emotional drama that generated lots of tears, confusion and self-doubt.


I connected with my inner circle of trusted, sane and loving friends and family members for support and an honest reality check.


Luckily for me I was affirmed for my care, love and generosity and it restored me to emotional and spiritual equilibrium – so that I could smell the roses again!!






Am I ok?


An affirmation is an action or comment that affirms our worthwhileness as a person.


It provides feedback that we are valued (in spite of our idiosyncrasies and short comings), and it provides reassurance that we are ok, restores our self-confidence, and allows us to smell the roses again!


When the affirmation confirms an inner quality of character, or virtue such as gentleness, kindness, consideration, generosity etc., it is even more powerful.


Virtues affirmations go even deeper than confirming our self-perception and developing our self-esteem.  They actually create a physiological change such that our heart beats optimally, our blood pressure and immune system respond positively.


5 useful tips

  • When a friend reaches out for support, identify their positive inner qualities
  • Use the person’s name, make eye contact and affirm them for these qualities
  • Make sure you name the qualities eg. Kindness, gentleness, generosity
  • If you are the one receiving the affirmations accept graciously and gratefully with a simple ‘thank you’
  • Drink it in and spread the resulting peace and thankfulness to others


Let it ripple!!


Affirmations are good for our inner and outer health.  They also help create peaceful environments in homes, schools or work places.  They embellish friendships and create a ripple effect of positive energy.


I experienced great gratitude for the affirmations I received last week and this made me want to do more loving things in return to these valued and precious people in my life who helped me smell the roses again.


Hot tip

It is useful to have a list of these precious character traits handy and become familiar with them.  This way when the occasion arises you are ready with the virtue that is just the right fit.


The more authentic your affirmation the more profound will be the effect on both yourself and the other person.



Make your world smell of roses


Make a commitment to giving 3 virtues affirmations every day to the people in your home, work place, or group, and make your world and the world a happier, healthier place.


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