Can changing perspective radically change our life for the better?

Embrace Virtues - Affirming children when they use virtues

Yes!! A change of perspective can be not only refreshing and liberating but also life changing.  And it can happen in a moment of time and by a simple decision to look at things differently.


It can be simple, fun and creative as Robin Williams, the great actor and comedian who passed away this week, demonstrates in a classic scene from ‘Dead Poets Society’.


When we continue to respond to annoying or difficult situations in the same way the only thing we can be sure of is the same annoying result.


So what if we take a classic situation in families where we want the kids to tidy up their own mess or tidy their room.  Instead of doing the same things that have failed in the past we can try the virtues approach.


That means enrolling the kids in the idea of orderliness, explaining what it means and affirming them when they get it right.  ‘Thank you for your orderliness, I loved that you packed up your toys when you had finished playing with them’.


Top 5 Tips:

  • Have a place to put each of your things
  • Put your things away in the same place every time
  • Have a plan before you begin any job
  • Create a harmonious space that feels peaceful
  • Appreciate the beauty and order of nature

In memory of the great man, do a ‘Robin Williams’ – climb up on the table (so to speak), and view the situation from a new perspective.


Take on the challenge of being orderly your self to set an example and lead the charge.

Affirm children and partners when you notice them using that virtue. Celebrate all examples of orderliness in the family.


Robin Williams scene from Dead Poet’s Society – See CLIP HERE

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