Brave Little Billy Goats

“Stories can conquer fear you know… They can make the heart bigger.”

Ben Okri



Ben Okri knows a thing or two about storytelling and is a master storyteller himself.



Having had her own inspirational storytellers and mentors, Ale Mendes-Adam has the gift of capturing children’s imaginations and creativity in the telling of her stories.  We are very lucky to have witnessed the awe and wonder that spreads across children’s faces as they listen to Ale’s voice.






When we dip into the world of tales from the past we invite conversations about love and fear, trust and friendship, of courage and creativity – and so many other virtues.





Children (and adults) LOVE stories and learn much about their strengths of character in the sharing of tales.



The age-old story of The Brave Little Billy Goats has ignited children’s imaginations for many generations.








The attached story, tells the tale of three brave billy goats, ranging in size from smallest to largest who must cross a bridge in order to get to the fresh green grass on the other side.

Under the bridge lives a mean troll, who threatens to gobble up each of the billy goats.


The first two goats implore the troll to pass them by for the next billy goat who is bigger than they are. The troll agrees and meets his match in the third billy goat, who in a showdown, challenges the troll to come up onto the bridge.


The troll runs in attack towards the billy goat, who tilts his head at the last moment and butts the troll with his horns tossing him into the river. The story ends with the billy goats contentedly eating fresh grass on the other side of the river, forever free of the nasty troll.



Within the story are many triggers to prompt conversations with your children.

For example the concept of ‘Trolls’ – and of our fears both real and imagined. Of noticing and naming our fears and acknowledging fear as a helpful emotion that may alert us of danger or situations that are unsafe.




We can also discuss when our fears may not be based in reality and how we can draw on our courage and bravery to overcome fears and challenges. For example by talking with our family and friends, and asking for help when we need to ‘cross a bridge’ and overcome something we find difficult.







Friendship, fears, working as a team, courage, bravery, bullying, standing up for yourself (and for others), sharing.


We hope you enjoy the telling of this tale, and are inspired to make masks or puppets to further bring the story to life.







Free Download : Printable Story ‘The Brave Little Billy Goats Booklet’


Character Strength Cards (definitions and affirmations of character strengths such as determination, patience, friendliness, trust)




Please contact us if you would like mask templates or to purchase hand-made felt puppets for story telling.





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