Baby Shower Gifts with a Difference


An unforgettable experience

Recently I had the privilege to participate in a baby shower blessing with a difference – and much more meaning.


The mother–to-be had decided that she didn’t need any more material gifts for her baby, however she did want to somehow ensure that her baby grew up with a strong sense of his inner worth.

A true blessing!

So, rather than the usual presents, she asked guests to offer the baby a ‘quality of character’ or a ‘virtue’ as a gift or blessing.


She and her friends had prepared cards with a quality such as peacefulness, creativity, generosity, patience, consideration, etc., on one side.

On the other side, guests were invited to write a message for the newborn, explaining why they had chosen this quality to bless the child.


Virtues Prayer Flags

Virtues Prayer Flags

A delightful welcome

As each person presented their blessing, the cards were strung together like prayer flags and hung above the cradle to flutter a special welcome for this fortunate baby.
This ritual created a sacred space, where the soon to be born child (rather than presents) became the focus of the occasion.

Guests loved the idea so much that they decided to pass it on to other soon-to-be mums in their circle.



The overwhelm of consumerism

Many also expressed relief that this idea had freed them from the constraints and anxieties that they often experienced, such as: will my gift be suitable, will the family already have one of these, and will I be buying things that may never be used.
There is a general weariness and overwhelm in the buying community that there is just too much ‘stuff’, and not enough meaning or lasting value in many of the gift options.



Meaningful alternatives

However, with some thoughtful planning, it is possible to combine values that we hold dear with appropriate and meaningful baby shower gifts that are a blessing for both baby and family.


There are ranges of gifts made from organic natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, and hemp that are environmentally friendly and free from chemicals.


There are books that are ‘keepers’ because they record important milestones, or contribute to the child’s character development and the values of the family.



Wise choices

Babies deserve our most thoughtful and inspiring baby shower gifts that will make powerful contributions to their futures.


Embrace Virtues collection of sacred blessings in Baby’s First Prayer Book and the virtues affirmations on the Sound of Virtues CD are such gifts.  These are also available packaged together as the perfect lasting gift bundle.


Baby's First Prayer Book and Sound of Virtues CD

Baby's First Prayer Book and Sound of Virtues CD






This month as we celebrate the virtue of ‘friendliness’, the extra thought that goes into the selection of lasting and meaningful gifts and rituals is a true act of friendship.




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