Early childhood social and emotional wellbeing

Research shows that virtues-based language & the specific ways we affirm character strengths (such as patience, flexibility, creativity & determination) has a positive effect on development & life outcomes.


Virtues are not only good for the spirit – they are good for our minds & bodies too!


We are each born with innate character strengths – our inner virtues.

These virtues are qualities valued by cultures across the globe and connect us to the core of humanity.


Some of the universal virtues are:


Patience  •  Peacefulness  •  Generosity   •  Thankfulness   •  Flexibility


Gentleness  •  Consideration   Joyfulness  •  Friendliness   Respect  


Helpfulness  •  Kindness  •   Purposefulness  •   Compassion  •  Love


Creativity  •  Assertiveness  •  Cleanliness  •  Confidence  •  Courtesy


Prayerfulness   •   Reliability  •  Determination  •  Orderliness  •   Trust   



When you come across a virtue, it actually touches your heart.  Research tells us that when you speak to a person about their virtues – their inherent character strengths, there is a physical response.  Their heart begins to beat at an optimal rate. The rhythm is regulated and their whole body gets into an optimal state.


Alongside the physical, mental and emotional development, as parents, care-givers, educators and health workers, we have the important role of contributing to a child’s character development – the spirit of their character.   By focusing on the inherent virtues, modelling positive behaviour and using the language of virtues, we encourage children to reach their full potential as a human beings.


When you nourish and practice virtues, they become powerful tools to strengthen and inspire us every day. When you notice and name the virtues within and around you… they flourish and bloom. The virtues remind us of who we are. They touch our souls and offer quiet comfort and strength when we need it most.


At the recent ARACY Conference evidence supported the use of positive language and its impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of infants and young children.


A virtues education is teaching children about the inherent qualities of character that every human being is born with.  By focusing on virtues, we avoid imposing the values of one particular belief system, on families and communities with diverse cultural and religious beliefs and practices.  Instead we focus on those qualities of character that are universally valued.


To encourage the use of virtues-based language, embrace virtues has developed tools such as;


Virtues Cards: a set of 26 cards with definitions and ways to practice core human virtues


Large format Character Strength Cards


The Sound of Virtues CD


Along with a range of other useful tools & resources to reinforce the language of integral character traits and discover ways to introduce sacred times for positive personal reflection in family and education settings.



As a delegate at the ARACY Conference, you can access a FREE DOWNLOAD of The Sound of Virtues CD.  The Sound of Virtues Instrumental version is also available as a download for only $9. This is a great tool for mindfulness and reflection and invites a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

We hope you enjoy the gifts and tools available from embrace virtues, to nurture the spirit and honour the wisdom of you and your children’s character strengths.


Please contact info@embracevirtues.com if you have any trouble with your free download and would prefer to be sent a hardcopy of the CD.

[Download will  be available until end of November 2013].


We wish you great encouragement and success as you support children in their character education, honouring soul qualities and the capacity to tap into inherent virtues. 


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