Affirmations – the key to happy co-operative kids

Are you interested in how affirmations create more harmonious relationships with your children?


And what if this same strategy of giving affirmations helped to develop your child’s character and enable he or she to reach their full potential?


Affirming Tilly for her patience and co-operation

Affirming Tilly for her patience and co-operation during hair brushing session


















Every child is born with inner potential to be kind, compassionate, generous, respectful, self-disciplined, helpful etc.

It is our job as parents however, to educate our children specifically in what each of these qualities means looks like in behaviours.

To do this we need to understand the power of affirmations.


An affirmation is an action or comment that affirms a child as a worthwhile person.

It provides feedback that the child is valued and it gives the child a road map for future behaviours when that virtue might be needed.

It is actually developing the child’s character –  who they are as a person, and encourages behaviour displaying those qualities.


Affirmations are a powerful tool in our parenting for developing authentic self-esteem. They also help create peaceful environments in homes and schools.


Five Tips for giving powerful affirmations to create co-operative, happy kids:


  • Notice when a child is practising a particular virtue
  • Use the child’s name and make eye contact
  • Name the virtue in the context of what the child did Eg. Tilly, I really appreciate your patience and co-operation while I brush your hair
  • Be constantly vigilant to notice virtues being used and affirm them
  • Take time to explain exactly what each virtue means and what behaviour using that virtue would look like


So here’s how to get smiles and cooperation back into daily life with the kids:


Choose a virtue for each week and talk about it in the family.

It is very powerful if the whole family agrees to practise the virtue.

Each evening family members can offer each other an affirmation for using that virtue.

Make a commitment to giving a virtues affirmations every day to each person in your family.

It is useful to have a list of virtues or these precious character traits handy and become familiar with them.  This way when the occasion arises you are ready with the virtue that is just the right fit.



For a complimentary list of 26 Virtues to start practising go to:


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