The embrace virtues story

embrace virtues started as a community project to support parents with the character development of their baby during the first year of life.


And so a little seed was planted

The seed has been gently tended by the passionate persistence of Di James, and watered and fertilized by her talented and dedicated team.


That little seed has now flourished into a big vision and lots of beautiful gifts and products to support families to develop character strengths within their children, and to nurture their family values.


Inspiring and encouraging

Our gifts and resources are designed to inspire and encourage people as they connect with the spirit of virtues in themselves and in their children and support inspiring family values.
At embrace virtues our deepest joy is applying our energy and creativity to producing beautiful virtues-based resources for the character development of children.

The embrace virtues materials are non-denominational and inclusive of the many different faiths – east and west. They offer parents a model to shape the spiritual and character development of their children.


Character strengths for a new generation

We are committed to inspiring children and their families to honor the very core of their being – their character strengths. We believe virtues are inherent in everyone, and that when nourished and practiced, become powerful tools to sustain loving family relationships, enabling children to thrive and make a difference in the world.


Our world is hungry for a generation of children who will grow up knowing deeply that they are worthy and loved – that they are spiritual beings filled with virtues such as creativity, purposefulness, peacefulness, helpfulness, gentleness, respect, and caring – just a few of the many universal virtues inherent in us all.


Can you imagine a world where every child has access to a virtues based education?

This is our passionately held vision.



Our Model

We work within a socially-conscious networking model – that is connecting up and collaborating with individuals and organisations to give back locally, nationally and globally, with purpose beyond profit.



Inclusive and encouraging support

embrace virtues resources have been lovingly created to encourage families to access their virtues and be inspired by them in their everyday life.


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We hope you enjoy the gifts of embrace virtues. Please make yourself at home and explore more of what we have to offer on our product page.


The Virtues Project

embrace virtues would like to acknowledge the debt of gratitude it owes to The Virtues Project International, that not only inspired this project, but through its wide range of programs and materials has had a significant impact throughout the world on those seeking to deepen their spiritual practices. 
‘The Family Virtues Guide’ by Linda Kavelin Popov is an important resource that offers simple ways to bring out the best in our children and ourselves, using the virtues which “are the common elements of spirituality found in all sacred traditions” and nurtures and strengthens family life.
To find out more, visit The Virtues Project International website:

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Flexibility is being open to change…

Giving Back

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