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The future of society depends on what we teach our children today


Character education grows kids who are peaceful, cooperative, respectful, helpful, considerate, confident and reliable and enables them to reach their full potential and develop authentic self esteem


Embrace Virtues helps make this a reality by creating gifts and resources to nurture the spirit and grow kids with character

We are thrilled to launch our new Home Based Entrepreneur initiative called “Growing Kids with Character”

If you would like to create a rewarding home based business that is flexible and can be easily integrated into family life while making an authentic contribution to society, this could be perfect for you.

Take advantage of our generous 10% discount as an introductory offer to become a ‘Growing Kids with Character’ entrepreneur!  


To find out more about this exciting initiative and take advantage of the Introductory Offer, email Di on di@embracevirtues.com

Congratulations and welcome to Marilyn Anderson our first Newcastle based Embrace Virtues Home Based Entrepreneur



To read about Marilyn click here and if you are in the Newcastle NSW area and wish to chat with Marilyn about her passion for virtues education and children contact her on










Character education bringing out the best in our children

Large Character Strength Cards are a useful tool to maximise our kids' potential

The big kids like to teach the little kids about virtues

The big kids like to teach the little kids about virtues


















These products are offered as a Fundraiser for your school or community organisation.

To take advantage of this unique and generous Fundraising offer find out more


“Thank You so much for the gorgeous Virtues cards they were all received well by all of the Teachers Adele and Alby had last year , the Assistant Principal actually had tears when Adele gave her the gift and she read the introduction ….”
Wendy Dunwoodie – NSW Australia



Writing blogs about integrating virtues into family life

blog about character development of children and simple ways to introduce virtues into family and school life.

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Raising children with reverence

Raising children with reverence

Can Positive Affirmations be the key to inner peace and happiness?

Can Positive Affirmations be the key to inner peace and happiness?

Love is a Special Way of Feeling

Mummy what can we get for my teacher for Christmas?













In this video founder and creator Di James speaks about unlocking the potential of children through the use of virtues.




Embrace virtues gifts are based on character strengths such as respect, generosity, love, responsibility, trust, joyfulness, consideration, gentleness and  helpfulness.


Embrace Virtues gifts are tools to cultivate inherent character strengths within your self, your children and the world around you.

Whether you are a parent, a carer, an educator, an uncle, an aunt, a grandparent, a child or just a regular person seeking authentic self esteem and inner peace, our range of gifts and resources will enhance your life and relationships.


All my life I have strived to find something different, original and meaningful to gift my friends or family when someone is having a baby.  But I always found I reverted to the predictable – until I found embrace!  Now I don’t look anywhere else to find the perfect gift with lasting value. Thank you embrace

Florence Harrod Manly, NSW Australia




To watch a video describing the purpose and passion behind the Baby’s First Year Gift Set click on the image below:




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